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From the following traditions:
Native / Shamanic 



A traditional Chinese system of consulting the Celestial Bodhisattva, Kwan Yin (aka: Guan Yin / Kannon / Avalokiteshvara), for her guidance on how to better your existence and act in accord with what is in harmony with your future. Readings are not concerned with the past, nor delve into the privacy of others......it's all about you, from here-on ;) 



I assist you by transmitting the healing essence of The Holy Spirit and Archangel Raphael. This flow travels directly from my location to yours, wherever you are, so that your system can use it for balance, energetic cleansing, healing and prevention. Transmissions are best done while one is at rest or asleep.




My Divine Guidance will intuitively construct a uniquely and beneficial meditation, to suit your healing process, offer mental and emotional calm, expansion, spiritual development, and deeper connections with Divinity and Nature. Your soul's voice and field of activity give this process it's specific direction for you. Provided as text e-mail or recorded sound-memo by e-mail. 



CHI KUNG / QI GONG (Energy Cultivation)

After getting acquainted with your healing and developmental needs, an easy and simple daily practice for self-healing will be fashioned for you, based on a unique version of the ancient Chinese, energy-cultivation system of Qi-Gong. The practice captures and increases excess energy for strength, balance, recovery, mental efficiency, healing, prevention, and acquiring "special abilities". A practice such as this normally renders one independent of my services, eventually, provided that any other necessary life-style changes are maintained. This has proven to be a great adjunct to Distance-Healing (listed above).




    "Let me know what's on your mind, and we can talk it out!" 

      (English-Speaking, by phone / Continental U.S., Canada, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico)

      Calls are pre-paid (15.00 minimum):

      • 15.00 15 min
      • 25.00 1/2 hr
      • 40.00 45 min
      • 50.00 hour 

      Attn: ***Any issues of a critical or emergency nature, must be taken up with your local Crisis-Rescue-Police team****. No Psychological or Psychiatric therapy is provided by us, and must be presented to a qualified therapist at your own discretion. 


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******* Attn: None of the above replace medical attention by a qualified, licensed practitioner. Before starting any practice, medical determination should ascertain adequate fitness to perform them. They are performed at the customer's own risk, and without holding us liable for any undesirable results ********