Accross the centuries, many cultures have realized the necessity for maintaining a close and open alliance with the Heavenly Realms. The Chinese, for example, based much of their entire culture on that relationship, leading to incredible strides in developing visual art, science, architecture, Martial Arts, fashion, and beautifully in healing and spiritual cultivation.

We see this in universal Shamanism, and deeply spiritual traditions across the world, yet, in many areas of the world, where we have become the most "civilized", we have also narrowed and forgotten how to maintain this connection which goes back to the very source of our existence! Disconnection with the Heavens and Nature, has cut many of us off from personal power, divine wisdom and ecstatic this living?

Though i am "Old School" when i comes to Mysticism, i can credit the New Age Movement with waking the general populous back up to the notion that openness to the unseen is crucial, and may possibly be the key to our survival. My personal and shared belief is that we can be modern masters of our world, our health, happiness and realities, by making use of the necessary tools for the task. 

Strong spiritual methods and experience can re-electrify, expand and inspire life here on Earth,  while potentially proving  the answers to one and all of what we see as problems. When we decide not to fear the Spiritual, we can recognize it to be the open storehouse of  the endless and powerful resources that lie behind it's veils! By reaching beyond these veils, we can access beauty, maintain wholeness, explore, learn extraordinary things and be fulfilled, and without necessarily always engaging in many years of meditation and exotic practices. 

I believe in freedom......not necessarily freedom from anything, but the ability to find freedom within whatever our current situation or condition might be......I take this to be our birth-right!  We all also have it within us to procure a state of ease, and live within the realm of abundance. The Ancients knew that this was possible when they would enter into accord with Nature and learn to navigate the scheme of the mechanics of our Universe and Creator(s). All of the cosmic conditions and principles to achieve higher states, are still fully in existence and are waiting for use to make use of them.  

For over 44 years, my life has been filled with spirituality, metaphysical experience and study, and driven by an unflagging desire for this, that was built into my nature from childhood. In recent times, i have striven to distill, simplify, and in some cases, refashion methods of access to the wonders and assistance of the full range of mystical realms available to us, so that just about anyone might  benefit from their gifts in ways that are efficient and immediate, or a least not far from reach! Somewhere in the services offered here, i can guess that there is a means for anyone to find their way through their own binding dilemmas, and start on the road toward a life of wonder and surprise at what actually is Humanly possible!  We are ALL Super-Beings who can live that reality, if only we take steps in the directions which can reshape our existence.......and i'd like to help with that! Let's see what we can do together.