To begin, i can say that i have always felt a deep desire to somehow significantly contribute to the reduction of suffering in the world. Eventually, this desire lead me to the healing arts. Self-treatment took the forms of fasting, cleansing, supplementation, raw-food therapies, meditation, dietary moderation, herbal formulation, modes of body-conditioning and intensive mystical dream-work....all of which brought my life into a profound state of renewed health, awareness, and a child-like happiness!  

Energy :

To follow, during the early 1980's, i was fortunate to directly experience the Human energy field by way of self-taught Polarity Therapy. It amazed me that, just by juggling the invisible energetic field associated with a person's physical form, many profound changes could occur such as radical swings in body-temperature, shifts in the musculo-skeletal system, and immediate or eventual relief of pain and inner pressure!  

Touch : 

Further on, during that era and the next, i discovered that i had a natural sense of how to intuitively apply touch, just through perceiving the quiet and invisible messages that emanate from an individual's system. Experimentation at this level continued successfully on cooperative friends, who would happily submit to 3-hour deep body-work sessions, that would not only re-align the entire system, but send the recipients into  an extraordinarily deepened state of relaxation.....enough that they'd  seemingly lose consciousness beyond normal sleep! Eventually, upon recovering wakefulness, they would enjoy, lightness, inner freedom, and a pain-free, physical "looseness".

Spiritual Power :

Though inspired by all of this, i felt that there had to be a more direct, less physically demanding, and more immediate means to bring about the same results in self and others..........i was correct!   

In 1995 i discovered a local Chi Master, who initiated me into the blissful tradition of Spontaneous Movement Qi Gong / Chi Kung (the cultivation of spiritual energy, or Chi / Qi). This process can only be described as an ancient "miracle", that is performed on the recipient (like myself),  to conjoin their personal energetic state with that of Heavenly power! In China and Taiwan, this reconditioning is known as Kai Tien Men, "Opening the Gate of Heaven", and is far more common there than in the Western world. By this "opening", i was enabled to go into a form of daily passive energy balancing and accumulation, which has offered me an abundance of "special abilities", strength, healing, and ever-increasing connections with Nature, people, and the Universe around us. Also from this, came the answer to my search for an easy, natural and highly-effective method for others to find transformation in.     

The Short Story :

It would take much time and many pages to express all of the astounding developments that have come about since the beginning of my exploration of the exquisite force of to keep it brief, i will just say that it has offered me comfort, balance, youthfulness, inspiration and self-healing, and has also lead me to whatever i have needed in my life to finally understand and move  with the tides of many worlds,  discover my purpose in life, experience increasing peace, accomplish deeper empathy, free my psychic skills, and connect with extraordinary people. Best of all, there is the healing that can be accomplished through the mere agreement between myself and the receiver, to allow it to happen. I am not the cause, just the conduit by which it occurs, and it can occur at any distance and any designated time. 

Ongoing Conclusion : 

All of what is offered on our site, are gifts that have derived from, and are expressions of the Qi.......the breath of the Creator, which gives life and formation to the "Created".